St Mary’s, Halton


Halton Parish, Runcorn


Our vision is:
“To know God ourselves
and make him known to others”

Christ Church, Castlefields

Small Groups:

The following small groups operate in Halton Parish:-


1:00pm - A Bible Fellowship group meets at 307 The Uplands, Palacefields

7:00pm - A Bible Fellowship Group meets at 27 Halton Brow


10:00am - A Bible Fellowship group meets at 32 Leaside, Halton Brook

1:00pm - A Bible Fellowship group meets at various homes.
(Please contact the vicar to find out where the group meets this week)


If you are interested in joining a Bible Fellowship group, please contact the Vicar, Revd Tony Mitchell on 01928-563636



10:30am A social group meets at Christ Church each Thursday from 10:30 until 12:00.
They drink tea or coffee, eat biscuits and chat.
If you are feeling in need of company, please join with them.